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Project Description

A collection of tools for the Sudoku-like puzzle game KenKen, which is published on the New York Times website. The suite of tools currently includes a solving engine and a silverlight user interface to the solver. Future plans include a generator.

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New York Times KenKen Site

6 new puzzles are published daily here: I have seen other varieties of KenKen puzzles, but this is the one I am developing for. The NYTimes does not have a very good specification for the puzzles though. Can group totals be negative or fractional? Can a division group be greater than two? I will keep an eye on it.

Version KenKenSL 0.2 Beta is released!

8x8 support and keyboard shortcut goodies.

Version KenKenSL 0.1 Alpha is released!

Head on over to the releases page and download it. The release includes a solving engine and a Silverlight UI. Why Silverlight? It was easier than Flash and javascript/DOM.

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